5 Reasons Why You Should Refurbish, Not Replace Your Old Furniture

Updated: Nov 12

Is your old furniture starting to show signs of wear and tear? Don't throw away your old furniture just yet! Instead, consider refurbishing it. Find out more about the advantages of refurbishing over replacing old furniture.

In a world of instant gratification it's far too easy to throw out the old and replace with the new. On the surface it seems quicker and easier, fortunately we know that refurbishing those elements has a ton of benefits:

  • You're adding character and charm

  • You're adding value

  • You're acting in a more sustainable manner

  • You're preserving history (think of your Nana's old chest of drawers, where you used to play dress up and try on her jewellery)

If you've been thinking about getting rid of some of your old furniture, think again. There are plenty of reasons why you should keep your old furniture instead of buying new. Here are five of them:

💸 Save Money 💸

We all know how expensive buying new furniture can be, not to mention the fact that you're probably buying a mass produced piece made from some kind of pressed wood and covered with a veneer - definitely not the kind of quality you could get in the old days.

So, before you decide to throw out your Nana's old chest of drawers take a moment and get in touch with us. We can discuss some options and together decide if it's more feasible to refurbish.

You could end up saving money but most importantly you'll be making your Nana very happy. 🤗

🕮 A Story Waiting To Be Told 🕮

Depending on how old the piece is it's origin and history is just waiting to be uncovered.

The dings and dents are a part of the character of the piece, all the blemishes tell a story of the families that have used it over its lifetime, sometimes over generations.

I have found some interesting items while refurbishing old drawers and other pieces, like old keys and even a newspaper clipping that is over 100 years old!

It's these stories that connect us to the past, keeping things real and ensuring we don't waste things of value.

♻️ Reduce Waste ♻️

The energy required to produce a new piece of furniture is huge not to mention the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted during the complete manufacturing process.

Refurbishing old pieces of furniture is one of the most important advantages in helping environmental efforts.

Don't waste, rather refurbish.

As humans, we should be doing our part by acting in a responsible, sustainable manner towards the environment and of course ourselves.

🦄 Create Your Own Unique Look 🦄

Stand out from the crowd and express your own individuality.

There are many ways to make your home feel unique and comfortable. One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a few pieces of furniture that are different from what you currently own. This will help you create a unique look that makes your home stand out.

💛 Customise To Your Taste 💛

When you refurbish old pieces of furniture you're able to customise the piece exactly as you would like it. The options are almost endless.

You could play it safe by modernising a dinner table or go completely rogue and turn an old chest of drawers into a storage bench. The choice yours.

We've even taken old wooden shutters and turned them into wall decor and shelving.

And Now For The Small Print

Before embarking on any refurbishment project there are a number of things to check first:

  • The physical state of the piece - it could have deteriorated to a point where it is not feasible to refurbish

  • What type of wood is the piece made out of?

  • Does it have wood rot or a termite infestation?

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to refurbishing old furniture and we would love to help you on your next project.

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