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Mixed Media Art: A simple introduction to this wonderful art

Mixed Media Art 3 min read

Welcome to my blog about mixed media art! Mixed media art is a form of artistic expression that combines various media, such as paint, ink, collage, and found objects, to create a unique and layered artwork.

What is mixed media art?

🤔 Say what now?!

It’s simple: take different mediums e.g. sketching, gluing, digital media, painting etc, and bring them all together in a smorgasbord of creative goodness. Mixed Media Art is the ultimate place to start, even if you’re new to all things creative and don’t have an artsy bone in your body.

A smorgasbord of creative goodness.

Take a look at my recent Frida Khalo mash up.

mixed media art piece
Different elements of a mixed media art piece

Recycled wall paper, edited print outs, acrylic paint, wood stain, raised stencilling… you name it, it’s on there. It may be a panel piece but it also doubles up as a plant stand and a key / general bits and bobs hook. Why the hell not?

🎨 Why is mixed media art my bag? It’s twofold really:

  1. As an artist, I’m passionate about quirky and innovative ways to upcycle and recycle. Mixed media art allows you to get experimental with using any combo of materials and mediums with zero restrictions. Start looking at the wealth of materials and resources you’re surrounded by and think what they could become rather than dumping them in the mixed recycling bin.
  2. If there is an artistic box, mixed media art is definitely outside of it. The scope of the style is endless and sooooo accessible. If the thought of getting artistic makes you break out in a cold sweat, this is the medium for you. No rules here. Even oil and water can get busy. There is no right and wrong, so you can let those creative juices flow all over the page.
Mixed media art allows you to get experimental

A great example of this freedom in action are the range of versatile products by one of my fave suppliers: Bormawachs. They do an awesome variety of waxes, stains, chalk paint, enamel and water based enamel. I like to use the whole lot in a single piece.

If you fancy checking them out, go to www.bormawachs.com. No, I’m not sponsored by them in any way. They’re just the bomb. Not sure how to use these materials? Don’t panic. I gotcha. We’ll go through these techniques in the future.

paints suitable for mixed media art
Bormawachs paints suitable for mixed media art from Mudelli

❤️ What are my favourite mixed media go-to’s

  • Old book pages – cut out sentences, draw on them or just cut and position the leaves
  • Old wall paper
  • Vintage maps
  • Plastic gems
  • Magazine pages or print outs
  • Small models or toys
  • Gold leaf (or any colour leaf)
  • Used stencils

If you wanna take it to the next level, you could use something of historical or cultural interest. Or something that’s just damn quirky or unique. The other day I found a slip of paper that turned out to be an old post notification from 1969. How cool is that? It’s in my ‘to use’ box. Cannot wait to find the right project for that little gem.

Old post notification, perfect for mixed medi art

Imagine: you can memorialise a seemingly inanimate object that has meant something to someone at one point. Apply the same logic to old mystery photos, ancient written postcards, or any document. GDPR considerations apply. Obvs.

😊 Mixed media art is not about perfection

Printed out your fave pic and found that’s its a tad pixilated? Don’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, this is an opportunity in itself to draw over your print out and enhance it in your very own customised way. Consider getting detailed with some fine line pens or bold with some chalk pens. Don’t forget the humble colouring pencil, but don’t scrimp on these bad boys; get a good quality one or go watercolour. They tend to be the best.

For the most part, there is NO need to get fancy. Raid your kids’ water colours, steal their crayons, and grab their glue; it’s a free for all.

But by far, the most important thing is to HAVE FUN with it. After all, what’s the point in getting risqué if you’re not enjoying it, right?

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